Big Bend National Park and Old Ore Road


I took the wife and young on on a three-day journey towards the Southwestern end of Texas into Big Bend National Park over the Christmas holiday.

You can read all about it here:

We’re Spreading Across the Internet


We’re still alive and kicking. We’ve just launched a new Facebook page in addition to our Facebook group we’ve had since 2014. Like and follow to keep up with our latest events and adventures.

I’ve recently been added as a contributor at Overland & Expedition on You can see some of my posts here:

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You see, we’re not hard to find. I’ll still be posting our major happenings here on this page so stay tuned.

Keep exploring!

Texas Hill Country Wine Tour 2016

To continue the tradition of the North American Soft Roaders summer convoy trips, we organized a wine tour of the Texas Hill Country for the last weekend of August 2016.

I threw out an event post with no invites in March 2016 on our North American Soft Roaders Facebook page to see what kind of interest was out there for this type of event. Our summer 2015 convoy to Sun Dog Trails in central OK was a successful trip with around 20+ vehicles in the group. Continue reading “Texas Hill Country Wine Tour 2016”