PINS(Padre Island National Seashore) Afternoon on the Beach

My wife, baby, and I took a short day trip to PINS for Valentine’s day. The Padre Island National Seashore is a protected beach on the South Texas coast that offers 60 miles of navigable beach. You can camp on the beach, a 7-day pass is $10.
Padre Island National Seashore

An early Valentine’s lunch in Austin on Saturday led to a hotel stay in Seguin for Saturday night. We woke up Sunday morning for a hotel breakfast and ended up leaving the hotel around 10AM.

We arrived in Corpus Christi around 1PM and fueled up at a Shell Station off the highway. We were about 30 minutes away from the entrance of PINS at this point with a 360+ mile range.

On the way in we spotted a lifted Subaru Forester leaving the area. He recently posted pics of his custom build the day before, so I was surprised and excited to spot it. We’ll be seeing him again at our off-road meet in March if we’re lucky.

There is a board at the paybooth that informs you of conditions such as road conditions, high tide, low tide, and water temperature. The sand was very loose and deep at some spots. At the entrance onto the beach there was a line of cars that were scared to venture into the sand so they just parked on the pavement.

We found a secluded spot at the ten mile mark, 4×4 vehicles are required after the 5 mile marker but we spotted a couple of Ford sedans stuck in the soft sand before the five mile marker. They were getting recovered by a guy in a Ford truck with a chain. That didn’t look very safe at all.

Other than the traffic every 5-10 minutes, there were no people near us on our spot on the beach. You could look north and south of us and see nothing but beach, dunes, and ocean.

We took the baby out to play on the beach for only a few minutes. The temp was 71 degrees and the water temp was in the 60’s. The wind and lack of sun made everything cooler.

It was very windy that day, sand got into everything! It didn’t help that we were parked with the tailgate facing the water with the door open and the back window down. We hung out in the back of the Jeep most of the afternoon and got into the water a couple of times. The baby enjoyed it more this time than he did six months ago.

The last time we were here in 2015, we brought the Softroader. The sand was hard packed but we didn’t even make it past the five mile marker because it wasn’t very busy.

The Wrangler did great in the sand. I didn’t air down the tires, we bogged in a couple of spots but nowhere near the point of getting stuck. If we were going to get stuck I had my recovery equipment with me and there were plenty of people passing by to wave down.

The next time we go to PINS, I think we’re going to stay in Corpus so we don’t have to drive so long just to get there. I always enjoy our short trips to PINS, maybe one day we will actually camp there.

Until next time! Get lost somewhere.