Hill Country Wine Tour Guide


Updated: 8/25/16 10:55PM

Welcome! If you are viewing this page that means that you are already registered and you’ll be joining us for the Soft Roaders Hill Country Wine Tour for the weekend of August 27-28 2016. Here you will find some info and tips you’ll need to survive this weekend.


Here is our schedule –

Printable Itinerary

Saturday August 27:
6 to 9AM breakfast at Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls
8-9AM Meeting TBA
9:00AM Departure time
Hill Country route (pavement then dirt road)
Coopers BBQ in Mason 12PM
Highway route
Fly Gap Winery in Mason 1-2PM
2:00PM Departure
Hill Country route
4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg 4-5PM

Sunday August 28:
Meeting near Fredericksburg TBA
8:30AM Departure time
Hill Country Route
Fat Ass Ranch and Winery 12PM
Lunch at Hye Market 12-2PM
2:00PM Departure
Hill Country Route
Highway route
Torr Na Lochs winery 4PM

Route Map
Provided by Matthew
Hill Country Wine Tour GPX
Garmin file

The wineries we will be visiting:

Fly Gap Winery
$10 per person for wine tasting (bring cash)

2851 Hickory Grove Road
From Mason, take 29 East(14 miles) then take a left on Union Rd. Pass five cattle guards and the winery is on a straight stretch of road.

4.0 Cellars
$25 per person for wine tasting

10354 E US Hwy 290
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(830) 997-7470

Fat Ass Ranch and Winery
$10 per person for wine tasting

Winery, Highway 290 – Wine Corridor
51 Elgin-Behrends Road
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Torr Na Lochs
$25 per person for wine tasting

7055 W State Hwy 29, just 6.5 miles west of Burnet, or 2.5 miles east of Park Road 4.

Park in their three tiered parking lot or along the vineyard fence.

Our Lunch Locations

Cooper’s Original Pit Bar-B-Q
810 San Antonio St.
​Mason, TX 76856
(325) 347-6897

The dining area will be too small to fit all of us. They will be providing benches for us in the back of the restaurant so that we can all sit together.

Hye Market
10261 W. Hwy 290
Hye, TX 78635

Jason at Hye Market has offered to take our food orders before the trip and make our food for us before we get there on Sunday. Please contact Chloe at 830-868-2300 to place an order and tell them you’re with the Soft Roaders group. The menu is online in the link above.

Before the trip:

Book your hotels –
If you’re from out of town and staying at a hotel please book it in advance. Since we’ll be meeting at Marble Falls Saturday morning you can stay in Marble Falls, Austin, or any of the surrounding areas for Friday night. Saturday night we will be staying in Fredericksburg.

I will be staying at La Quinta Inn in Marble Falls for both Friday night and Saturday night. Our meeting point Sunday morning will be in Fredericksburg which is an hour away from Marble Falls.

Book your campsites –
There are many options in the area to camp. You can contact Johann Minshew on Facebook to see what he has researched.

Inspect your vehicle –
We will be driving through some dirt roads and small creek/river crossings. Please have your vehicle in good running condition and make sure your tires and spare tire are all in good shape. Check your breather tubes to see if they’re still connected. Make sure your air conditioning is in good working order also. If you do have a breakdown, tow services will most likely be expensive because we will be far away from major cities.

Pack food and water –
You will want to bring a cooler for this trip to store water and snacks to eat along the trip.

Bring some cash –
There may be places we visit that are cash only, bring some just in case.

During the trip:

We will be in groups –
Due to the size of our main group, when we get to the dirt road sections of the Hill Country we will be split up into groups of up to 15. Each group will have 5 minutes of separation between each other to decrease our traffic for the locals. We will all be doing the same route and meeting at points of interest along the route.

Leave some distance between vehicles –
It will be dry and dusty in August. The vehicle in front of you will kick up a lot of dust. To prevent clogging up your air filters and missing something on the road keep some distance in front of you. Also turn your lights on so that others can see you.

Implement our buddy system –
The vehicle behind you will be your buddy. Look back periodically to make sure they’re still behind you. At intersections, make sure the vehicle behind you makes the correct turn. Slow down if they’re falling behind, and come to a stop and turn your hazards on if they’re stopped. Hopefully the driver in front of you will notice and the rest of the group can come to a stop. We do not want to lose anyone and have to do a search and rescue.

We will not convoy on the highways –
When we reach the main highways during our routes everyone will be allowed to go at their preferred pace. Usually at this point we are heading to our lunch destination or wineries. You will have the addresses of all our destinations, and in case you get lost, look for someone that’s part of the group on the road or buddy up with another vehicle. If it’s a short highway route to another dirt section, your group leader will be responsible for waiting on you.

Communication –
Communication will be handled with CB, Facebook chat(not the most reliable), and through our mobile phones when the other two are not working. Mobile service in the area is spotty, at best. CB will be the best form of communication for this trip.

A couple of CB options available:

Midland 75-822 Portable

Cobra 75WXST

There are tons more options out there, these two are popular examples.

Navigation –
You will not be able to use Google Maps navigation because of the spotty mobile service in the non-highway routes. A GPS based map program/device would be best for this trip.

At the wineries:

Outside alcohol –
You are not allowed to bring alcohol from outside, keep it in your coolers and save them for your hotels and campsites.

Conduct –
Be on your best behavior, we’re all adults and know how to behave. There will be small children, be mindful of your language when they are around. Since you’re part of a group, anything you do will reflect on our group and I will be hearing about it. Let’s leave a positive image with these wineries so we can return to them in the future.

Parking –
Parking may be limited, if we have to we can park in front of each other in some lots. Please don’t destroy their property by parking in the wrong areas.

Things to note:

Water crossings –
There will be multiple small creek crossings and at least one large crossing. Water depth is usually below 1 foot at the large crossing unless there has been a lot of rain in the area. Late August isn’t known for many rain events but we’ll keep an eye on the weather. Try not to splash into the crossings, the proper way is to slowly drive in and create a bow wave and keep the wave in front of you. If you like crashing into water and making a big splash that’s up to you, just know where your air intake is.

Private land –
Even though the roads are public, the land surrounding them is private. Do not stray away from the main roads, the land owners in the area may get confrontational if you wander into their land. Each group leader will ensure that gates are closed when we pass through them.

Please bookmark this link for more updates in the future.
Contact me or one of the other hosts on Facebook or at vinaymachine@hotmail.com if you have any questions or concerns